Fully customisable digital proposals

Give your clients more than a simple PDF.
Create trackable, interactive, digital proposals.
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Web based proposals enable you to plan how viewers interact with the content. Play video, show animations, or control the flow of the information.

Mobile friendly

Even if your clients open the proposal on a phone they can view it comfortably. No need to zoom in and flick through screens. Present it on any device.


You have full control over how it looks and works. Change text, images, embed video, add animations. Full access to HTML, CSS and JavaScript


See when clients open proposals and how much time they spend on each page. You can have more insights on what your client is looking for.

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TCKTLESS was pitched as an iOS app, so what better way to impress them than with a beautifully designed digital proposal. They were able to view the proposal on mobile, allowing them to get a great user experience on the move.

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Leto created a proposal for Netflix to pitch a concept fo a second screen app for Orange is the New Black. Making a great first impression with Netflix was paramount, and a custom digital proposal gave the proposal great impact.

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