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This proposal has been created for TCKTLESS to highlight our plans for the mobile build and explain how we plan to deliver the best experience for you.


Project overview

The requirement is to build an events and ticketing mobile app for iOS that lets the user easily discover and purchase tickets to a list of curated electronic music gigs.

Our mission on this project is to create a distinct design 'with a personality' to make the app recognisable and stand out from numerous other apps on the market, as well as to create a pleasant user experience and build a smooth process from event browsing to ticket purchasing. 

The suggested approach is to start by adding some touches to branding (if you're happy for us to do it) and work on the design to define the look and feel of the future app. This phase would cover all the main pages of the app, as well as overall user experience. We will provide a few different versions of branding/design to understand which route we would like to go, narrow it down and fine tune.

Once you're happy with finalised designs and sign them off, we will continue with a full development phase, to share the work when required for a review and make any amends, if necessary.

Given the scope of the project, it is estimated to take about 6 weeks.

Proposed schedule

  • Weeks 1-2: Design
  • Weeks 2-3: Technical Specifications
  • Weeks 3-5: Main development phase
  • Weeks 5-6: Quality Assurance, Testing, and Launch


Visual guide

Below is a visual sketch of what the project could look like:

The idea behind the suggested design is to provide a lightweight design focusing on the content, rather than interface elements

At the same time, we'd like to make the product recognisable, thus every picture uploaded to the app could have a "washed out" effect to ensure consistency and unique style.

Please note: the design above is for illustrative purposes only. Actual designs may differ significantly and will depend on your feedback during the Design phase.

Cost Estimate

Story From To
Design implementation / UI development
£2030 £2240
App Design
includes wireframes, several initial versions and further iterations based on feedback
£2240 £2520
Total for Design: £4270 £4760
MVP Development
via Facebook, Twitter, email
£630 £910
Home page - list of events
In order of proximity/date
£1960 £2240
Event page
All the details about a specific event as user clicks on it in the list: name, picture, artists, price, date, location, facebook friends attending; clicking on the map takes user to Apple maps
£1330 £1680
Ticket purchasing on the event's page
Includes integration of Stripe
£2660 £2940
Invite Facebook friends to buy tickets
£630 £840
Ticket storage in 'My tickets' within the app
£840 £1190
Total for MVP Development: £8050 £9800
Technical specification
£700 £840
Project Management
£1750 £2100
Quality Assurance/Testing
£2030 £2450
Total for Supplement: £4480 £5390

Project Total From To
Hours 240 285
GBP £16800 £19950

* The rates are exclusive of VAT (20%)
** This quote is valid for 30 days

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