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07 July, 2014

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Description and scope of project

The project is to create a second screen mobile application for the TV series Orange is the New Black . The app would synchronise in real time with the episode currently broadcasted in order to provide extra content and drive engagement with the audience.


  • To promote the brand and grow the fan base
  • To improve engagement during show broadcast
  • To drive sales of merchandise
  • To capture viewers' social interactions from within the app


Development approach

The app will be designed according to the style of the Orange is the New Black TV series and strictly following the brand guidelines, including colour schemes used in all the promotional materials.

The idea of the app is to provide users with a real-time interactive experience during episode streaming, in order to boost their engagement.

Using live updates from the server, the app will offer a timeline synchronised with an episode streamed on Netflix. It will include live social mentions (e.g. tweets and Facebook updates); a chat room where fans can discuss and share their thoughts; episode trivia; and a real-time interactive store, where fans can shop for items they see on the screen.

The app will also feature an episode guide to allow users to catch up on missed episodes, save their favourite ones and share them with friends, as well as watch exclusive behind the scenes videos or director's cuts. The app will feature a merchandise store, where users will be able to purchase official merchandise, such as mugs, t-shirts, etc.

The development will be split into several phases in order to maximise process efficiency and to build functionality based on real users' feedback. Phase 1 will result in an MVP (Minimum Viable Product), focusing on the core functionality, and building the app further based on feedback. 

Leto has extensive experience working with large enterprises who want to to challenge the existing market with disruptive innovation and cutting edge technologies, while applying a startup-like rapid development approach. Below is a demo of the Sons of Anarchy second-screen app Leto developed for FX networks. 





Visual overview

Interactive project prototype


Story From To
Creative work
Interaction and UX designs
$3240 $3780
Application screen details
$3780 $4230
Total for Creative work: $7020 $8010
Development work
$6030 $6570
Including live sync via audio watermarks
$12150 $12690
Episode catalogue
Generic information about every episode: plot, pictures etc.
$4950 $5310
About section
$2880 $3150
Total for Development work: $26010 $27720
Project management
$6390 $7110
Quality assurance
$7470 $8010
Total for Supplement: $13860 $15120

Hours From GBP From Hours To GBP To
Project Total: 521 $46890 565 $50850

* The rates are exclusive of VAT (20%)
** The described tasks can be selected on a “mix-and-match” basis, for example you may choose to invest more in a mission-critical task.

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